• From the energy
    of nature

  • To the purity
    of the ingredients

  • At the green
    hair salon

Jack Black

green chemistry salon

Organic Way, the organic detergent, treatment and coloring method for your hair using green chemicals with high concentrations of botanical, organic and biodynamic ingredients

If you believe that our wonderful planet deserves to be saved and respected and you choose to reduce your impact by making responsible purchases // if you want to detoxify yourself from chemical agents full of aggressive, toxic substances by choosing products rich in organic, biodynamic ingredients // if you want to be seduced by sublime blends of essential oils, phytoproteins and nourishing butters // if you prefer glass, precious, pure, infinitely reusable and recyclable over polluting, disposable plastic // if you are looking for a brand with a human face that purchases over fair trade networks and develops eco-sustainable projects // if what you're looking for is quality, consistency, transparency and enthusiasm, welcome to the world of organic way
sustainable luxury.
Sublime, multisensorial hair treatments, with essential oils, hydrolates and pure micronised plants from "0 mile" biodynamic farming.

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Jack Black

design becomes eco-ethic-organic

Wiz(with), Out(without)

The line devoted to technical services in the hair salon, produced with clean chemicals, choosing to obtain perfect results in less time but without using substances that could be harmful to you and to the environment.

WizOut chooses for its formulas oils, butters and SPA extracts that nourish the hair and guarantee constant protection of the scalp during treatment.WizOut uses refined packaging, materials and shadecards that are entirely eco-friendly.

WizOut defines itself as a line that is E2O: ecological, ethical and rich in organic ingredients.

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Jack Black

and hydro-therapeutic technique

The regenerating benefits of water in synergism with the skilled herbal cosmetic technology of our research laboratories

UNA, the line of hair products based on the distilled water of flowers and buds, using the phytotherapeutic characteristics of a vast and selected herbarium.

UNA supports the work of the hair salon, from the treatment of specific skin types to styling, up to special treatments for ethnic hair.

A range of super-specialized products.
A different effect, texture, and sensation for each product.

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